Linda's DIY Happy Hour Wine Center

By Carla Jordan

Linda Hale,

My dad loves to build stuff. As a kid, I loved hanging out in his workshop because you never knew what he'd making with all the bits of boards and old tools he collected like squirrels gather nuts (yes, Dad has never met a tool he didn't like).  So when Linda Hale, owner of Red Door Antiques in Tupelo, MS (and an Olde Century Colors dealer), told me that her latest DIY project featured an old board and a pile of rusty tools, lots of great memories came to mind and I just had to check it out.


If you're like most DIY'ers, chances are that your work area is filled with board scraps and old tools, too. To give your heap of junk a creative -and practical- spin, here's how to follow Linda's lead and make your very own rustic Happy Hour Wine Center. 



•Olde Century Colors paints-2.2 ounce bottles

(Linda used #1017 Barn Red acrylic latex paint; and #3006 Sugar House Brown, #3005 Olde Clay Red and #3015 Moravian White simulated milk paints)

Briwax (Linda used the Rustic Pine color)

•An old board, 24" wide x 15" high (or large enough to hold what you want to display)

•Old tools and decorative items that fit your theme (LInda used horse hanes, a rake head, a plow share, a tin can and an old hook)

•Washers and screws to secure items to board

•Paint brush

•Wax brush

•Polishing cloth




Linda Hale,


Place board horizontally on a sturdy surface.

Linda Hale,


•Select a theme for your board (Linda's was "Farm Finds").

•Gather tools and decorative items that fit the theme, then lay them onto the board in the board that you want to attach them. 

•Snap a quick photo to help you remember the layout you've created, then remove tools from the board.



Linda Hale,


•Squiggle paint color(s) on board,


•Paint in freeform fashion, blending some colors as desired.  Let paint dry thoroughly (overnight if possible).



Linda Hale,

•Use wax brush to apply Briwax to the board, tools and decorative items. This step mutes and meshes the colors together while giving the board, tools and decorative items a layer of protection.


Linda Hale,


•Use washers and screws to attach tools/decorative items to board. Doublecheck that screws don't extend beyond the back of the board, yet,  are far enough in to hold everything securely.



Linda Hale,


Linda also made this "Cowboy" themed wine center to show how easy it is to work with multiple themes.

While any variety of old boards and tools will work just fine for this project, Linda recommends specifically using Olde Century Colors paint.  Why?  "Olde Century Color paints are neither too thick nor too thin so the coverage is excellent," she says.  "The colors are easy to mix and swirl to create custom shades.  Olde Century Color's ease of application, dry time and finish is the best. Every time I do a project like this, I rediscover how much I love this paint!"











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