Repurpose, Renew! A Palette Perfect DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

By Carla Jordan

Bill Longshaw,


Decorating with pumpkins and gourds is a natural at Thanksgiving when we pause, as the Pilgrims did so long ago, to give thanks for the bounty of each year's harvest. However, finding interesting ways to showcase these garden beauties can be challenging unless you're Linda Hale.


Linda Hale,


This DIY diva, owner of Red Door Antiques in Tupelo, Mississippi (and an Olde Century Colors dealer), has a knack for reinvention, especially when it comes to the holidays. 


Linda Hale,


Her latest DIY wonder began with this cast-off wooden pallet which she transformed into a pretty primitive centerpiece with Olde Century Colors paints in warm Autumn hues. "Olde Century Colors paint is perfect for all my projects, " says Linda. "It's just the right consistency-not too thick, not too thin—so all you need is one coat. The colors are very true and blend easily. Surfaces painted with Olde Century Colors take wax very well and I love it that the paint is available in sample, pint, quart and gallon quantities so I only need to buy as much as I need."


This is a project that's fun for the family to help with and it's easy enough for even DIY newbies. Just follow Linda's lead...


Supplies Needed:

Wooden pallet

Circular saw

Olde Century Colors Holly Berry Red #3004 and Goldenrod Yellow #3002 simulated milk paints
Olde Century Colors Firethorn #2037 acrylic paint

Briwax Rustic Pine #BRICL

Paint brush

Pumpkins, gourds and pinecones in assorted colors, shapes and sizes

Faux branches of leaves and berries

Candle holders and candles




Linda Hale,


To create the centerpiece base, Linda used a circular saw to cut one lengthwise section out of the pallet.


Linda Hale,


Using Olde Century Colors Holly Berry Red #3004 simulated milk paint, Linda gave the bottom pallet a solid coat of paint, then dry-brushed the top and side boards to create contrast and a slightly translucent look.

"Because I wanted to create a year-round centerpiece, I chose Holly Berry Red as the base color because it works for Christmas, Valentines Day and the 4th of July, too," she says.


Linda Hale,


Next, Linda painted random areas of the top and side boards with Olde Century Colors Goldenrod Yellow #3002 simulated milk paint and Firethorn #2037 acrylic paint.


Linda Hale,


By alternating colors like in this way, Linda added lots of visual interest.


Linda Hale,


Once the centerpiece base dried thoroughly, Linda waxed all sides of it (including the underside) with Briwax Rustic Pine #BRICL.  This delivered more color in a subtle way into the while also adding a soft sheen. 


Linda Hale,


Then, Linda filled the centerpiece base with assorted pumpkins and gourds and tucked in branches of leaves.


Linda Hale,


To change up the look, Linda placed a large pumpkin in the center of the base and filled in around it with pumpkins, gourds, leaves and other nature-inspired accents.


By thinking multi-functional, Linda also came up with a cool idea for storing the pallet centerpiece between holidays.  Hang the centerpiece base on the wall and it becomes a pretty primitive shelf to

Linda Hale,


corral supplies


Linda Hale,


keep towels within easy reach.


How clever is that?!


About the Author

Carla Jordan is a nationally published design, cooking/entertaining and lifestyle writer.  Her work can be found in well-regarded magazines and newspapers; as well as online.  She resides in a Dallas-area home of many colors because she can't resist painting this, that and everything.