Manufactured in the USA, Olde Century Colors is a small independent company that specializes in colors of the 18th and 19th century with unsurpassed quality and color retention. Barbara Carbiener, the founder of Olde Century Colors in 1992, has an extensive background in the re-finishing and restoration of antiques and a deep interest in early colors and finishes. Unlike other paint brands, we manufacture in small artisan batches with pigment ground in at the time of production, instead of the use of liquid colors like what you get at your local paint store. This method creates beautifully saturated paint that is pre-mixed and ready for use. We offer a wide variety of colors as well as  of 38 colors in the Acrylic Latex line and 20 colors in the Simulated Milk Paint line. These paints are extremely versatile for many projects around the home (interior or exterior) and craft projects as well. Available in sizes from two ounce bottles to five gallon pails.