11 Features of Old Houses Worth Restoring

11 Features of Old Houses Worth Restoring

Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or simply looking to dabble in a minor DIY restoration, old houses have a certain appeal that's hard to resist. While some may see only rotting wood and drafty windows, others see opportunity and the need to restore the home to its former glory. So if you intend to restore the original characteristics of the house, Here are 11 features of an old home worth saving and restoring.

1. Original Woodwork: One of the most sought-after features in an old home is original woodwork. Things like detailed molding, floorboards, and railings can really add character to a space. You're already ahead of the game if you have original woodwork in good condition and may only require some minor fixes!

2. Pocket Doors: While they may not be as practical as modern doors, pocket doors are a unique feature that can add to the charm of an old home. Often, they are made of beautiful wood that has been well-preserved over the years.

3. Stained Glass: Stained glass is another popular feature in old homes. Whether in windows or lamps, this type of glass can add a touch of elegance. Not to mention, it's also a great way to add some privacy to your home.

4. Clawfoot Tubs: Clawfoot tubs are beautiful but also very functional. They're perfect for relaxing after a long day or taking a luxurious bath. Finding an original Clawfoot tub in good condition is becoming hard, so if you come across one, it's definitely worth keeping and restoring.

5. Fireplaces: Fireplaces are always a cozy addition to any home, but they're incredibly charming in an old house. Many fireplaces in older homes are made of brick or stone and have unique details you don't see in newer homes. A fireplace can be a wonderful feature in an old house. It can add charm and character and be an excellent heat source. If you have an old fireplace that is not used, you may want to consider restoring it. However, there are a few things to remember when doing so. First, make sure that the fireplace is cleaned out and structurally sound. If there are any cracks or damage to the chimney, it will need to be repaired before you use it.

6. Built-ins: Built-ins are a great way to add storage and character to a space. Built-ins can make a room stand out, whether it's a bookshelf, cabinet, or desk.

7. Crown Molding: Crown Molding and other millwork details are beautiful touches that are often specific to older homes. Crown molding is a small detail that can make a significant impact. It's a simple way to add a touch of elegance and character to any room.

8. Hardwood Floors: Hardwood floors are beautiful but also very durable. They're perfect for high-traffic areas and can add value to a home. Consider yourself lucky to have well-maintained, undamaged hardwood floors in your old home!

9. Original Tiles: Original tile is another popular feature in old homes. The original tile can add character, whether it is on the floors, walls, or fireplace. Finding replacement tiles that ideally match the originals can be challenging, so restoring them is worth repairing if they are in good condition.

10. Paint Colors: Paint colors are another popular feature in old homes. Re-painting can be very rewarding if you are true to restoring homes to their original colors and style.

11. Bay Windows: Bay windows are a great way to let in natural light and enjoy the outside view. They're also a unique feature that can add architectural interest to a home and complement interior design elements. If you have bay windows, chances are underneath the paint and minor repairs needed, you will have good quality, strong hardwood worth restoring.

If you're like most people, the allure of an old home is hard to resist. While they may require more work, restoring an old house can be incredibly rewarding both financially and emotionally. By preserving these 11 features of an old home, you'll be well on your way to restoring a beautiful and timeless space that will be enjoyed for many more years.

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