8 Tips To Help You Sell Your Upcycled Furniture

8 Tips To Help You Sell Your Upcycled Furniture

There are many options available when you are planning to flip and resell used furniture. It can be a tricky space and unpredictable as many times it includes satisfying the buyer's personal tastes. The presentation can also determine the level of interest and the price point you are selling the piece at. There are a few factors to consider when you are upcycling furniture, and we will look at eight of them below:


Here are 8 Useful Tips you need to know!

1. Pricing 

Is your piece an ordinary furniture item? If so, you will have to look at the market to see what similar products are being sold for. This will allow you to be competitive and give you an idea of what price to ask for. Also, you should consider if your piece has anything unique to it. It is always good to add some flair or something unique to the piece if you are upcycling. Having something exceptional is a way to gain exposure and attention to the item and give it that element of 'one of a kind.' But don't stress, if you're a beginner you don't always have to add something unique. Standard upcycled pieces painted white are also trendy! 

Don't forget to add up the general costs when pricing, like what you paid for the item, paint expenses, repair costs if you had to patch up something? It's tough to price your piece per hour if you're a beginner, as it's going to take you longer to complete rather than someone who has upcycled a few pieces in their time. 

2. Photos

Having good photos of your item is vital. The more information you provide for your products with awesome images, the better. This includes excellent lighting and good staging. This will help the buyer see the furniture piece clearly and appealingly, and staging will help give ideas on how the piece can be used. As a rule of thumb, post at least five photos that provide a good overview and give various angles. The details, such as the dimensions of the piece, the finishes used, and the materials, are things that the buyer may want to be clear on. Provide all this information so the potential buyer can make an informed decision before making a purchase. You don't need to go out and buy an expensive camera to create great photos; your phone will do, like make sure the lighting is at the time is favorable. 


3. Choosing Where to Sell your Upcycle Piece

There are several areas that you can choose to list the furniture piece that you have for sale. The more places you list your item, the higher the probability of it being sold. Some Places include eBay, Etsy, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Flea Markets, to name a few. If you're active with social media, then that's also a great place to gain an audience to attract potential buyers. Facebook and Instagram would be great places to start. More on social media further down.  


4. Use Quality Furniture

You may find furniture at auctions, garage sales, thrift shops, or you just may find it at the side of the road. No matter your source, you should make sure it is quality furniture. This means using natural wood with good quality that your potential buyers can appreciate. This also builds trust and your reputation for selling quality items. 


5. Use Quality Paint

If you are painting your piece, then it is also recommended to use high-quality paint and products, in the long term it will save you money. Good quality paint, you will use less of it and good quality products will last you longer. Your end product will look so much better than if you use low-quality paint; this can lead to stripping and affect the look of the furniture piece. This is also not good if you sell a piece, and months later, it is not having the same vibrant appearance as when the buyer initially purchased it. This can lead to things like negative reviews and poor ratings of your items and business.


6. Staying Relevant On Social Media 

Using your social media page, you can keep your followers updated by posting good content. This can be the way to keep them updated on your page and allow them to see when you post things for sale. All posts don't necessarily have to be about a sale, but you could have the process of upcycling an item to keep them entertained and then post the item for sale. Some viewers love this kind of content to keep them active on your page. This is a great way to create followers and attract viewers who can be potential buyers. Who doesn't love a before and after picture? Creating little time-lapse videos can just be done using your phone. 


7. Offer Delivery/Shipping Options

In the furniture space, some pieces may be large, and buyers may not have the option of collecting the item from you. It would be attractive to offer delivery or shipping to them to make this optional. This may be an obvious thing to do, but it is good to mention to ensure that all bases are covered for your potential buyers. Also, even if someone can collect it, it may be convenient to pay a small fee to have it delivered to their location without any complication.


8. Customizing Service

You can offer the option to add a custom look and feel to the furniture piece if the client desires this. This can allow them to have a personal touch and possibly allow you to charge more for this service. Once some clients see your skills in upcycling furniture, this may be a natural progression for them to start asking about custom work.


This is a great space, and if you are not sure how to do it right, you can limit yourself in making a nice profit. You can do several things, but you are guaranteed to improve your options if you apply some or all of the tips listed above! 


Happy Upcycling! 


Here are 8 Useful Tips you need to know!


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