9 Awesome DIY Woodworking Projects for Absolute Beginners

9 Awesome DIY Woodworking Projects for Absolute Beginners

When you create an object out of nothing, it brings a huge sense of satisfaction. And that is why woodworking is among the best hobbies in the universe. It avails you the opportunity to make your own pieces, add your flair, and feel accomplished each time you look at the project.

Additionally, it is an amazing means of living within your budget when giving gifts or redecorating your space. In the end, you will realize that the prices of tools and lumber are lesser compared to buying the same piece in the market. So, isn’t it better to just build it at home?

diy woodworking projects to try

While it may sound interesting, woodworking could be intimidating, too. This is especially true when you are an absolute beginner. But you do not have to kick off with a big project like an entertainment unit. You could start with small projects and as soon as you become comfortable, start trying more complex tasks.

With that being said, let’s see 9 DIY wood projects that you could try this weekend.

1. Cutting Board

You can dice, slice, and serve with style using this attractive board. It is one of the easiest projects you can make. You just need one hardwood board, a saw, sandpaper, a finish that is food-safe, and one paintbrush.

Ensure you use wood glue that is water-resistant. Also, keep the board away from your dishwasher to prevent it from falling apart. Most importantly, the boards should be even when gluing to reduce the level of sanding you’d need to do later.

2. Shoe Storage Stool

You could build this storage stool in about an hour and place it in the closet. It could also serve as a step when you need to reach a high shelf. The items you need are:

  1. 4 x 4 feet sheet of three-quarter-inch plywood
  2. Wood glue
  3. One handful of finish nails (8d)

Cut the pieces of plywood, then spread the wood glue onto the joints. Use the 8d nails to join them. You may want to nail from the sides to the back. And from the top to the sides again, then the back. Lastly, mark the points where you want the shelves to stay, then nail from each side into each shelf.

3. Magazine Storage Bins

Do you need a convenient way of archiving your magazines and important papers? Well, this simple wooden storage bin can do just that. You can place all your favorite reads inside, so they will be at your reach instead of getting lost in your towering collections.

You can make 4 bins using two 6 feet long 1 by 4s and one 2 x 4 feet sheet of quarter-inch plywood. To cut the wood with ease, use a band saw or a jigsaw.

4. A Sleek Hat and Coat Rack

You could clear up the clutter in your entryway using a simple hat and coat rack. You could build it within an hour using a 6-feet 1 by 4 and some coat hooks. Measure the space where you want to fit the rack. Use the dimension to cut the board.

Paint and outfit the pieces with different types of hook, depending on your needs. Afterward, you can screw the rack to your wall. You can get a wide range of colors, styles, and prices of hooks in hardware stores or online retailers.

5. A Saver for Your Pantry Storage

Sometimes, we may have more than enough spices in the pantry. Other times, they could jam into the drawer and only the top of the containers will be visible. Well, this rack slips perfectly into a drawer to solve your pantry storage issues. And it takes only one hour to build. You could use a quarter-inch and half-inch plywood.

6. A Side Table

As a beginner, you could make furniture for yourself. You can start with this side table. It is easy to make. Just take one slice of wood and 3 hairpin legs, then secure them. Ta-da! There you go, a wooden top side table.

7. Picture Frames

You could make some frames for your favorite pictures from scratch. You can use some leftover rustic wood from a previous project to make the frames without spending much money. You may prefer to keep them simple and display your pictures onto the wooden surface or add extra layers of backing papers.

8. Hanging Planters

Wooden hanging planters could solve lots of problems. For instance, you could hang them in your kitchen or beside your window and grow some fresh herbs in them. You no longer need counter space or a shelf to place your planters. Just get some ceiling hooks, cord, or rope.

9. A Decorative Candelabra

This is a trendy and stylish accessory that you could use as a decorative element in your home. It may not be very versatile like the votive candles; however, the differences make it appear more refined and outstanding. Hence, an item as simple as a wood candelabra could appear awesome and this project is not difficult to make.


Woodworking does not have to appear complicated. You can find various simple DIY wood projects for novices all over the internet. And some of them are profitable. With a few tools and elbow grease, you can start building some woodworking items at home. As soon as you get some experience, you can scale up the projects even start selling them to create a nice little side income.



diy woodworking projects to try


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