10 DIY Easy Woodworking Projects That You Can Make and Sell

10 DIY Easy Woodworking Projects That You Can Make and Sell

Making an extra income can make a tremendous difference for most people. If you have some tools and knowledge of woodwork, you can start earning extra cash by selling what you make. 


Woodworking is a hobby that rewards you for doing what you love. You can even make it a full-time job or keep it as a little side hobby for you to do on the weekends or when you have some extra time. 

The great thing about wood is you can purchase it or get innovative and recycle old bits of wood you may have around for a rustic feel. 


Now, you may wonder, “Where do I start? And what kind of woodworking projects sell well these days?” Well, we did some research and came up with ten projects that are best sellers. And they are straightforward to build. So keep reading to find out. 

10 Best Selling Woodworking Project Ideas for you

Here are ten woodworking projects you can make and sell:


Baby Gym 


The baby gym is quite popular in online stores. You can build it with a drill, an orbital sander, and a miter saw. Just ensure you use food-grade paints or finish on this project. While some people may use screws on the dowel, they could come loose and fall off. However, you can drill a small hole in the main dowel, then glue a smaller dowel in the hole.

This project is easy to build. Since parents comprise the biggest online shoppers, the baby gym is a significant project to sell. 


Wooden Toys


Unlike plastic, wooden toys last longer. They also look fabulous when placed in the nursery or the children’s bedroom. And they will never go out of fashion.

Wooden toys such as trucks, cars, dolls, train sets, and puppets sell well. You only need to ensure that they are colorful and fun. They are also cheap to produce, and you can sell them in larger sets to make more profit.


Wine Rack


If you love drinking wine, you know it is a pleasurable art. You can make wooden wine racks and sell them to other wine lovers who need an attractive and sturdy place to keep their bottles.

It is easy to build, and you do not have to be a pro to start. For this project, you will need pallet wood, scrap wood, nails, glue or screw, and your unique design.


Jewelry Box


A jewelry box is an essential item for ladies to store their jewelry and keepsakes. This project is easy, and you can make a good profit from sales. A wooden jewelry box sells more than a regular plastic-type.

You will need some hand tools, pallet wood, and wood glue to begin this project. When you have fully understood the concept of creating jewelry boxes, you can start making larger storage boxes, chests, or keepsake boxes.


Box Shelves


Homeowners now use boxy designs as decorations. With simple squares, you can transform the look of your apartment. You can make and sell your designs with different shapes. They are versatile, inexpensive, and you can either scale up or down to your desired size. 

You can hang box shelves on walls or under the bed, couch, or table. You can also scale down the design and place them on countertops and tables.


Bedside Phone Docking Station


We always have our phones beside us, and most people would like to have a docking station or a phone stand to hold and charge their phone. You can make this project unique by adding a rustic design, an attractive stand detail, or a custom name tag. This docking station can double as your phone stand and a place for other phone accessories. 


Picture Frames


Everyone loves to hold beautiful memories, and that’s what pictures stand for. You can make farmhouse picture frames to achieve that rustic, handmade appearance. You do not need many tools to make them. The only challenge you may face is creating several designs, so your frames will be unique.


Coffee Table


If you are more experienced in woodworking, you may want to show off your skills and earn some money from this piece of furniture. A coffee table is one of the easiest pieces of furniture to build. You can have an intricate design or a simple, flat top with table legs. 

Additionally, if you want to sell at a high price, you can consider making bigger coffee tables or other furniture like a shoe rack and nightstands.


Floating Shelves


Floating shelves are exciting woodworking projects that can save you some space. You can secure them to walls, and you only need a single plank for each layer. They won’t become the focal point when placed in your apartment, so do not think they will dominate your amazing décor. 

Because they are made of a single plank, you can place them anywhere in the room. You can hang them in stairwells or let them serve as corner shelf units. Also, you can make and sell them online.


Wooden Doormat


This project is not for your table or wall. It’s definitely for the ground; to welcome you home. You can make this doormat with different planks and scrap wood. If you plan to leave it outside, ensure that you treat the plank when you are done. 


There you have it! ten woodworking projects you can make and sell. You can make almost anything out of wood. All you need is a creative mind and a passionate heart. But if you still do not know where to start, hopefully, these wood project ideas from this article can give you some inspiration to create!

If you want to know more about how to make them, Check out Pinterest , or there are a lot of instructional videos and free resources on the web. If you decide to paint or stain your new wood project, be sure to check out our range of paints and wood finishes.




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