8 Ways to Use Leftover Paint

8 Ways to Use Leftover Paint

When starting a new DIY project, it is easy to miscalculate how much paint you will need for a project. Often, we buy extra paint to cover our projects just in case we need it. Since we do not want to waste the leftover paint, we store it in the shed for use later on and, if you are like most people, they will end up staying there! 

As you may know, opened paint tins usually have a lifespan of around two years. So for the sake of de-cluttering and taking a "waste less" approach. From painting a pre-loved antique item to giving a coat of paint to a DIY woodworking project, there are many uses for old paint!

8 ways to use up old paint laying around the house


Here are eight different ideas you can try to help use up your leftover paint:

  • Design Some Accent Walls

Depending on the amount of paint in your collection, you can design a complete accent wall. You could also come up with your own style; just tape off a number of abstract lines, then paint inside the lines using the angled brush. You could apply this technique to the walls of your bedroom, dining room, office nooks, linen closets, and laundry room.

  •  Paint the Inside of your Chest of Draws 

You can jazz up your dresser or desk by applying a different color to a concealed area like the sides or inner parts of the drawer. 

For instance, if your dresser was originally white, you can apply red color to each drawer. So, each time someone pulls out any of the drawers, you will see a pop of color. 

  • Fireplace Makeover

Does your fireplace underwhelm you? Well, a total redo isn’t the only available option to make it appear more appealing. Whether brick or tile, you can splash one or two coats of a bright color that will make the area look like new or create a white washed look over the brick. 

  • Shelf Makeover 

Paint the back of your shelving unit and watch the entire shelf come alive. Also, it will aid in placing visual focus on the items displayed on it. This works for cabinets with glass doors, built-ins, bookshelves, and more.

  • Transform the Space Underneath your Stairs 

Why not utilize the space under your stairs and turn it into a book nook or an office? Great way to use up your leftover paint and create a functional space for your home. 

  • Paint your Couch or an Accent Chair! 

Most of us have an old pre-loved couch or accent chair that we have lying around so why not give it a new lease on life and paint it! Make sure to spray your couch with a little water before painting it. Many Youtube tutorials are showing how this can be done so be sure to check them out.  

  • Fixture Facelift

It could cost you a lot to get contemporary lighting fixtures, especially if you need elegant chandeliers for the dining room and kitchen. However, if you are practicing frugal living or are on a tight budget, you can try to upgrade the old fixture using some coats from the leftover paint.

  • Give your Front Door a Makeover! 

This easy DIY door project can fill your heart with instant gratification. Giving your front door a pop of color can give your entire home an updated feel. Just make sure the color you have to use is a color that compliments the rest of your house's color scheme. 


Now that you have ideas on what to do with old leftover paint, why don’t you get your paintbrush set and try one of the projects we listed! We hope you create some lovely projects that you can cherish for years to come while also de-cluttering your paint stash! 

8 diy projects to use up old paint


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