9 small paint projects to transform your home

9 small paint projects to transform your home

Instantly transform any space with a little paint and a brush! A new color can transform an old piece of furniture, add a warm welcome, and give a beautiful dose of color to any room.

Sprucing up your home doesn’t have to take over your week! Painting a room can be a large task but you can get large results with much less paint.  Add a pop of color in your home over the weekend.

Get ready to let your creativity out with these 9 quick and easy projects!


  1. Update your front door

A fresh coat of paint on your front door can instantly boost your home curb appeal. It can completely change the outside appearance of your home. Look for color inspiration from your home architecture, surrounding plants or garden, and your interior décor. While updating your door, consider painting or swapping out your doorknob too. This is an easy update that can make your home appear more modern.


  1. Bring Old Furniture Back to Life

It’s amazing what a little paint can do! Worn or antique furniture look brand new with a paint update. If you have a piece of furniture you love, but it doesn’t fit your style or other décor, paint could be the solution. An unexpected pop of color is the key to updating a room. Update a dresser, nightstand, headboard, bookcase, even laminate furniture with special paint. The options are endless! Dressers and nightstands are great candidates to color block. Create a pattern between each drawer or use painters tape to create your own pattern. Another design choice is to add a surprise color element by only painting the sides of the drawers. Or add some color to just the top portion. This is a shabby-chic way to create color in an otherwise neutral room.

Give an old bookcase life by highlighting the shelves with color. Give the bookshelf an extra pop by adding another paint element to the back. Adding a color backsplash behind the items creates a visual focal point. For best results, prime first and then paint with a latex or oil-based paint.


  1. Mirror & Frames

Just like old furniture, a new coat of paint on a mirror or picture frame can make the world of difference! A simple DIY project that brings the furniture you already have together even better than before. If you find a mirror you love but it doesn’t match your home, a coat of paint could make it the perfect match. Accentuate an accent color by painting a mirror or frame to match. Or make the mirror the center of the room with a bright color.


  1. Kitchen Backsplash

Tired of your kitchens backsplash? Save lots of time, effort, and money by painting over it. Don’t have a backsplash? Nothing a little paint can’t fix! This is a cheap and easy alternative to DIY tiling. Brighten the room with a fresh color. Research the tile type and manufacturer to determine the best type of paint to use.


  1. Kitchen Cabinets

A fresh coat of paint can infuse color and personality into the cabinets and their contents. A touch of color on the outside of your cabinets can add a great pop. For best results, remove the cabinet doors to paint. If painting the cabinet sounds like too big of a task, opt for painting the inside. Painted shelves add some spice and personality. A bold color in a small space helps the area appear larger. If your shelves are naturally in a dark area, a bright color will help lighten it up. This trick works well for the back of your cabinets or shelving units too. Painting the back creates a visual focal point while drawing attention to the stored items.


  1. Painted Stairs

Colored stairs are another way to add personality to your home. Painting the tread, riser, or railing can transform your staircase! Add a pop of color with the railing or create a monochromatic look by painting the tread or riser. Be sure to sand and tape before you begin painting.


  1. Planters

Planters are a creative way to add some uniqueness to your home. There are endless ways to showcase your creativity on this blank canvas! Give your pot a new color or get creative with rubber bands and painters tape. These are great tools to create a design or print on your pot. Use the rubber bands or painters tape to create lines and blocks. Plant pots are another opportunity to do some color blocking. Add multiple colors to the pot or use it as an accent for the room!


  1. Accent Wall

If there’s anything that never goes out of style, it’s an accent wall. A simple weekend project that brings big changes with a little paint. A rich colored accent wall gives a needed focal point in an all-white room. Create a statement with a pop of color, color block, or get creative with stencils and painters tape! Recreate an area rug or pillow pattern on the wall to tie the room together. Or color block with the color you want to bring out in the room. Simply place the painter's tape on the wall to create the shapes you want. From squares, to creating an illusion of movement, painters tape adds a new element to your accent wall. To create an illusion of movement on the wall, place the painter's tape across the wall at an angle. Paint on one side of the tape. There’s an endless amount of patterns and color choice to give your home the perfect accent wall.


  1. Lamp Makeover

We’re quick to throw out the old and look for new. But usually, a color change with make the old feel new! Before you toss that old lamp, give it a facelift with new paint. Use painters tape to cover the electrical cords and spray paint the lamp or use acrylic paint. If you’re looking to change up your lampshade too, grab some fabric paint.


So there you have it some quick diy painting projects you could do to transform your home! If you have recently finished a diy home project we would love to hear about it! 

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