DIY Home Projects That Add Value to Your Home

DIY Home Projects That Add Value to Your Home

As a homeowner, it is always a great feeling when you add value to your home. In some cases adding a small, inexpensive D.I.Y. home project added to your home can lead to a high increase in value if you decide to sell. 

If you are not looking to sell but want to update your home and are eager to try a D.I.Y. project, this list of ideas can also work for you! Maintaining the value for yourself or your family can be a rewarding feeling and gives you the ability to use your creative flair!

Some basic things that potential buyers will look for are features such as a well-designed kitchen, the layout, age of the property, space, and the overall home condition. Therefore, it is always great to keep upgrading and maintaining your aesthetic appeal. 

While we look to discuss a few D.I.Y. project ideas here, there are several things you can look at when you want to add value to your home. Small D.I.Y. projects can help to increase your home value way beyond the expected equity appreciation. 

When considering D.I.Y. projects, always consider the addition of space, current trends, design aesthetic, and practicality. 


Here are a few D.I.Y. projects for you to consider for your home:


Upgrading your Kitchen


Your kitchen is always an ample space to upgrade in your home. A kitchen is an essential space in the household and one room we all spend a lot of our time. Comfort and functionality should be carefully thought out and considered in this space. You could: 

  • Upgrade dated appliances and make it fully equipped to be a functional space. 
  • It is also practical to have adequate cupboard storage space. I mean, whoever said, "I have way too much storage space!" yep, precisely no one! 
  •  If the kitchen is large enough, an island and bar space with seating will make it look inviting.
  • Painting the cupboard doors a different color and perhaps changing your handles/knobs. Giving your cupboard doors a fresh coat of paint is often all that is needed to transform your kitchen without spending a considerable amount of money. 


Upgrading your Bathroom


The bathroom is also another vital space in the home, where comfort and innovation are muchly appreciated. Options such as showers, luxurious baths, and double sinks are great choices that can make the bathroom feel useful and make it practical for everyone. More options to consider:

  • Increase storage space - the larger the area, the better. Make the bathroom highly functional and make efficient use of the room. 
  • Change up the fixtures - The choice of décor should also compliment the fixtures, appealing to the viewer. 
  • Add lighting to your bathroom. You would be surprised how much a room can change depending on the lighting. Add a lovely chandelier for a glam feel or L.E.D. Strips behind mirrors for a more modern appeal. 


Upgrading Flooring


Installing carpet in the bedrooms and leaving the other high traffic areas, and laying something more durable like hardwood or tiles may be the way to go. Most homeowners enjoy hardwood flooring in shared spaces for easy maintenance. Just think about who could be your potential buyers, and that's generally a great start. Some options to consider:

  • Observe the room's lighting and see if a lighter carpet or lighter hardwood would suit the space.
  • Is the carpet or flooring going to suit your style and age of your home?
  • Does it all tye in and suit the rest of the house?
  • Can you lay over the existing flooring? Not a bad option to save some dollars.




Adding a fresh coat of paint on the walls can be a basic project but a cost-efficient way to spruce up the home. Homeowners will always appreciate a newer, fresher looking home that is are visually appealing. Even if someone doesn't like the color choices, the home's appearance will still be unique and to them, and it will just be a simple color change to make it more personal to them. This simple D.I.Y. project can offer great bang for your buck to get returns and add reasonable value to your space. Some things to consider:

  • Consider adding a feature wall. 
  • If you're not sure what color to choose, keep it neutral throughout as it will look clean and more inviting. It will be easier to complement your furniture if everything is neutral toned. 
  • Check your lighting before choosing a color; depending on the lighting, you could get the wrong shade for your room. Using paint swatches attached to the wall and checked throughout the day can help you decide on the right color. 




Landscaping is another D.I.Y. project that you can do that can add reasonable value to your home. You could start with these D.I.Y. projects to increase some value to your home: 


  •  A nice front lawn, installing turf to your front yard with some added plants and flowers can quickly add value to your home with less effort. 
  • Outside deck or sitting area to make the outdoor space more useful and appealing. Also, consider adding a fire pit for entertaining purposes. 
  • Stepping stones or a walkway to your entrance can be a great way to create a more inviting feeling upon entering the home and adding value.
  • Look into buying plants and bushes that are low maintenance; buyers will appreciate an easy maintenance garden that looks great with little attention needed. 
  • Drive past your home as a potential buyer; does it look presentable?


So there you have it, some D.I.Y. home projects to try. 

Have you recently completed a D.I.Y. project to increase the value of your home? 

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