Exterior Paint Color Scheme Ideas for Colonial Houses

Exterior Paint Color Scheme Ideas for Colonial Houses

Are you looking to revive your colonial styled home and don’t know where to start? 

Sometimes choosing the right paint color scheme for a room can be daunting, let alone the whole exterior of a house. We all know that this is no quick job, so choosing the right color scheme is crucial to save time, money, and be 100% satisfied with the end result.  

Here are a few examples of colonial-style paint color schemes to get you inspired:

traditional white colonial house with red accent features

You will see typical all white colonial houses, but this traditional colonial home has a white exterior but with the added color of blue shutters and red accents on the roof.

Similar classic colors: Confederate Red accents, Yankee Blue shutters/door & Olde Farm White Exterior.

colonial home with neutral paint colors and a red door

This colonial exterior uses neutral tones and have painted their front door a bold color that creates a focal point. 

Similar classic colors: Olde Farm White Trim, Olde Brick Red Front Door, Linen White exterior.

colonial home with dark exterior with white trim and a stunning red door

Now here is a beautiful display of bold colors for this exterior colonial home, dark exterior with white trim, and a stunning red door. 

Similar Classic Colors: Barn Red door, Olde Farm White trim & Olde Navy

Colonial Revival home with brick features

A Colonial Revival home with brick features mixed with classic colonial features gives this house a modern feel.

Similar Classic Colors: Olde Farm White trim, Yankee Blue shutters and front door and, Olde Sage Green exterior.

Traditional colonial red exterior and trim with cream front door trim and black door

A traditional colonial style home that makes a classic bold statement, red exterior, and trims with cream front door trim and black door.

Similar Classic Colors: Barn Red Exterior & trim, Candlelight door trim & Lamp Black front door.

traditional colonial house with a modern twist

An example of a traditional colonial house with a modern twist, this is a great mix of colors to freshen up a classic colonial home that still keeps its colonial feel.

Similar Classic colors: Olde Farm White trim, Olde Navy shutters & garage door & Union Blue exterior. For a different look, you could also try Lantern Glow Exterior with Manor House White trims & shutters with a Cranberry front door.

So, whether you want to restore your colonial home exterior using classic colonial colors or freshen up the look of your colonial by giving it a modern twist, these are a few examples of what you can do with your colonial home. You can get more ideas by going for a drive around your neighborhood to see what color scheme your neighbors have chosen for their homes, sometimes just being able to visualize it in person can be all it takes to make a decision on what colors you like and what works with your home, neighborhood, and surroundings.

Good luck!


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