Ten Tips for Better Results when Refinishing Furniture

Ten Tips for Better Results when Refinishing Furniture

Hello and welcome to the tips section of Olde Century Colors! Here are our top ten tips for better results when refinishing a piece of furniture. Enjoy!


Tip 1: Make sure the surface you’re painting is clean. Laundry detergent or Arm & Hammer washing soda (found in the laundry aisle) or de-greaser make a terrific cleaner when mixed with water. After cleaning, rinse and dry thoroughly before painting. Any debris that is left on the surface will not allow good adhesion. 


Tip 2: If you are refinishing something that has been painted before, be sure to rough sand the entire surface down until you have completely removed any paint that is peeling or bubbling. Be sure not to overly sand as this can close the pores of the wood and prevents paint from adhering well. 


Tip 3: Want to make chairs and tables easier to paint? Turn them upside down and do the legs first. If too big or heavy to flip, elevate them on blocks of wood to reach the legs easier.


Tip 4: If the paint is on the thicker side, thin it out with a bit of water or solvent (depending if the product is waterbourne or solventbourne) to achieve a better flow with the brush.


Tip 5: If you need or want to take a break painting before sure to close the lid on the can to avoid skinning and wrap your applicator with plastic wrap aand refrigerate.


Tip 6: Remember that if you're applying latex paint over an existing alkyd paint, you must first prime the surface to ensure the new topcoat will adhere to the old oil-based paint. If you are unsure what was painted on their before, be safe and apply a primer.


Tip 7: Painting in direct sunlight or applying paint to a sun-baked surface will make fresh paint dry too quickly. As a result, it won't adhere well and will blister and flake prematurely. We recommend painting on the shady side of the house or painting on an overcast day.


Tip 8: Avoid overworking the paint during application. Smooth, even strokes create the best surface finish.


Tip 9: Most paints shouldn't be applied when the temperature is 50 degrees F or colder. It can cause the paint to never dry or harden enough. 


Tip 10: Use the correct applicator for the style of paint your using. Use a nylon-bristle brush for water-based paint and natural bristles for oil-based paint.


If you have any comments, questions or concerns please leave them in the comment section and have a wonderful day! 

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